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The Garlock family of companies is the global leader in high-performance fluid sealing and pipeline protection products for industry and infrastructure.


Garlock Protects Equipment with Strainer Gaskets
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Garlock Palmyra and Houston Holiday Hours 2016
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Garlock Issues Guidance to Chinese Air Quality Management Body
Garlock manufactures products that can help China with its fugitive emissions issues.
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Technical Articles

How to Troubleshoot a Gasket Leak
An article written by Matt Tones and Dave Burgess on how to troubleshoot a gasket leak for Flow Control's September 2016 issue. 
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LDAR Programs Continue to Evolve
An article written by Jim Drago for August's issue of Environmental Protection discussing how Leak Detection and Repair Programs are changing and what plants can do to accomodate the requirements. 
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Sealing tank car manways to prevent NARs
An article written by Wayne Evans on Rail Car Manway Sealing and the importance of selecting the right gaskets to ensure tight seals for August's issue of Railway Age. 
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